Zariel’s Wish

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She wakes up every day with the hope that one day, the woman who abandoned her at the motherless babies’ home would appear and say to her, “Sweetheart, I am sorry for leaving you and I promise never to leave again.” Tears fell from her eyes as she imagined the impossibility of this as she was going to be taken to a new home, with new parents and possibly new siblings. Today marked 15 years after she was abandoned at the gate of the Motherless babies ‘home, the day her mom “knowingly” disowned her. She wept as she packed her things preparing for the journey out of the four walls of the Motherless babies’ home to a new environment. The Atkinsons, the family to take her had already arrived. A man possibly in his late 40s and a 23 year old lady. The owner of the home gave them papers to sign to make the “adoption” official. Zariel walked in to  sign her part of the papers. She waved goodbye to all her friends and tutors. She wept as she got into the backseat of the car and waved frantically at her “old family”. She sobbed bitterly. She hadn’t said a word to her new family members, she just kept mute throughout the ride.

Days turned to Months, Months turned to Years and Zariel grew up to be a very beautiful young lady. Her foster parents adored her and likewise herself. She had two older siblings, biological children of Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, two men. The first one named George, who was well-off and a very serious business tycoon and the other one, Mark, who also had things going well with him, he was a successful lawyer. Zariel couldn’t wish for much, she had a wonderful foster family but she still had that longing in her heart that peradventure, she met the woman who gave birth to her; she would ask her why she abandoned her. She completed her education and became a young successful entrepreneur. She, like her foster brothers, became quite successful. She studied Real Estate Management while in college. One day, she was driving in her sleek, black Ford SUV and was deep in thoughts when she splattered water on a man. She stopped the car as the man, who looked 60 and above, yelled as the muddy water splashed on him. She quickly stopped the car and ran across the road to the man. She begged him frantically to forgive her as she was lost in her thoughts while driving. She offered to help the man. She decided to stop at a café. They got into the cafe and Zariel still apologized. She asked him what his name was and he said Trent. He went further to say that she looked so much like someone he knew. Zariel asked him about his family and he stared at her knowing with certainty that he has no one to call family, Zariel asked again, he was reluctant to answer but Zariel’s  face reminds him so much of his wife, so he kept his foot down  and told her about his family  . His wife had gotten pregnant and they found out it was twins. He didn’t have the resources to cater for twins. The day his wife fell into Labour,he couldn’t even take her to the hospital to be delivered properly. He had to call for the services of “experienced” women in that field. He further said that the moment he saw his kids, he really wanted to keep them but his money had gone under. He and his wife sadly decided to give up one of the twins for adoption. He mentioned their names, Zane and Zariel. Zariel choked on her coffee as she stared at the man before her. “Could he be her….no? No!!No!!!” She thought as she dropped the coffee and asked him which of the twin was given up for adoption and the man replied confused, “Zariel, the girl.” Zariel let all the tears she had bottled up inside to surface. She told him that she was Zariel Trent and she was given up for adoption when she was merely a year old. Trent apologized profusely and Zariel forgave him. Zariel went back to tell her foster parents that she had seen her biological father. They were happy for her. Trent and Zariel grew closer day by day, rekindling father-daughter bonds that were lost over the years. Zariel decided to ask one day about her twin brother and mother. Trent told Zariel that Zane had died of a relatively bad heart when he was 9 years old. Trent explained that there was no money for him to be operated upon.


Trent then spoke about her mother. He said Trent’s death affected her so much because she couldn’t have another child to overexpansion of her womb area. A specialist strongly advised her not try to get pregnant because there were lots of complications involved. She still felt guilty at abandoning Zariel at the Motherless babies ‘home. Trent said with tears in his eyes that one unfortunate day, he had gotten back from his usual daily hustle of sweeping other people’s compounds when he saw that the house was empty. He checked the room to see his wife’s pale body lying on the floor. He said he rushed towards her and saw that she had taken a full over dosage of drugs. She was out cold already. He became helpless and hopeless because clearly he had no family left. Zariel sobbed on hearing these sad tales. She made up her mind that she was going to make her father happy as long as it lasted.
Zariel’s wish had already come to pass, though not the way she thought of it, but she still had her biological father, foster parents and siblings to be grateful to.


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