Dear Bestie 

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You’d remember that night I told you we should be just friends . The thoughts in my head as I stare at your face “This is a piquant Kind of beauty, the one that takes you in before you are willing to negotiate it’s existence”.That coy unassuming smile that is no sooner accompanied by anger.  By a tilt of head you were unsure of what to say but you replied “ok” .
      May 24th you introduced me to your  friend Lucy. My ever dream type of girl her shape undefined like a Coca Cola bottle.

 It was love at first sight I guess. We’d talk and laugh  cheer each other  with good memories of our past relationships. 

 Two Months after knowing Lucy. Her mannerisms matched my long dream type of wife. I invited her for my friend’s wedding. It was a rollercoaster day. 

She stared at me often as we watched wale and funmi get married. She stared at me “the best man” like I’m the best Man in the world . 

The reception had no dead moment. Lucy watched her clock and winked at me like it was time for ours, but we weren’t even dating . 

After the wedding . I dropped her off at her moms place . Before she left my car, she asked “when are you going to get married ” . I was speechless for a while but “soon” was my response. 

She held my right  hand  and kissed me ,I couldn’t refuse as I watched her lips melt mine with colors of undiluted chemicals on her lips. She left hurriedly . And I waved Goodbye .

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 I drove towards your house to drop off the materials  you asked me to buy. While driving I decided to call Lucy as I slow down towards the lekki toll gate. 

Her phone rang in my car -“OMG” She saved my number as “MAGA 6 2K17” and it wasn’t the thought of been foolishly in love that drove me crazy. 

It was my inability to think of how a woman with all i ever wanted, could turn to be a great disappointment. 

  Dear Bestie, I’m sorry for always reminding you of your flaws – Telling you to burn down  those calories. Memories of our infamous tequlia  shots on Wednesday at our perfect spot. 

 If perfect were the words, I’d still not be able to describe you further. Your electrifying sass that never mocked. If am to write about your beauty I’d embarrassed by the attempt. 

For years now you’ve watched how series of ladies played and ruin my life. Hope your perfect lap is ready as I come to sober about another one.  

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