Episode 7 – Broken Love 

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After my confrontation with Bola’s mom, she was professing that she was going to leave. I jumped up for joy in my heart, Good riddance! Bola got back quite furious on hearing that his mom was going to leave. He asked, coldly, “what has come over you? Why are you like this?” “Oh no! You did not just ask me that dumb question, Bola! Okay, you Bola has come over me! I lost my baby because of you! You and you alone!!! I really should have listened to my dad when he said you were a scumbag! A gold digger! A thief…”I replied but I never completed that sentence as Bola slapped me, hard!!! I stroked my cheek with tears burning through my eye balls. My marriage was just barely 8 months and we were already having these kind of issues as if we had been in it for 3 years or more. His mom still left. I went back to work likewise Bola. Neither of us spoke of the event that had happened between us. I missed my husband a lot. I knew I was being too hard on him. I missed his night touches, his caresses, his kisses and everything. I just had to forgive him and move on with our marriage. I was working on ways for Bola and I to make up. One evening, I got back and met Bola at home. I sat on our bed while he was showering. I was pulling off my high-heeled shoes and massaging my toes when Bola came out in just a boxer. I ogled him and I started sweating. I don’t know if it was on impulse or instinct or yearn, I walked towards him and we kissed passionately. This led us to the bed, clothes flying here and there and an override of passion on the high, the night was SUPERB!!! After we finished, I lay on his chest staring at his handsome face while he looked at me with so much love. He held me close to him and I looked at the left corner of his forehead where I had thrown something at him back at the hospital. He had a scar there. I bit my lip and he noticed as he pecked my forehead saying,”don’t be mad at yourself. You were upset by my actions and I am really sorry for all the pain I caused you, I promise to be better to u.” I smiled and he kissed me. 

My love for Bola was rekindled. He was being nice and all. I even paid him a visit at the hospital where he worked and we were almost caught in the act. We laughed at the whole situation. My employees were always saying how envious they were of my marriage to Bola. I felt proud of myself. Bola was it all for me. I knew he loved me too. Bola had to travel to the U.K. for a two-month conference, so I stayed back in Nigeria. I missed him so much. We always spoke on phone or did videoconferencing on Face time. While Bola was away, I got sick. One time, at the fashion centre, I slumped. I was taken to the hospital. The doctor called me to her office after I was revived. The doctor started, “Mrs Olalekan, i’m afraid the news I have for you is a good one.” I gulped hard, wishing my husband was here. He continued,”From the scans we have done, you need to be very careful as your baby is still in the delicate stage.” I shouted,”i’m pregnant?! Yes!!! Thank you Lord!” The doctor smiled at me before saying,”just be careful, okay. Visit for antenatal sessions and eat healthy foods okay.” I smiled at the doctor and left for the house. I was overjoyed. I informed Bola and he sounded happy from the phone. I called my mom and informed her also. I made it my A-game to nurture this baby. What happened the last time won’t happen again, I won’t even allow it. Bola returned and he seemed happy to be having a child. We always talked about names for the baby and Bola made it his priority to set up the baby’s nursery and room. I was happy that he was looking forward to this baby. 


About 8 and a half months later, I was fully pregnant, fat in all areas, pregnancy hormones here and there and the cravings were crazy. Bola told me that I was going to be traveling abroad to deliver the baby because he couldn’t take chances. We made preparations and I flew to America to deliver. I stayed in our condo over there. Bola had things to do in Nigeria so he couldn’t come immediately. Till I fell into labour.

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