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I was already in love with this baby despite Bola’s treatment. He came back quite earlier as I prepared dinner of Efo Riro and Fufu. (I am a good cook, thank you very much!) We ate with Bola and his sister chit-chatting heartily, when last did we talk like this? I thought. They finished eating and I packed up the plates to wash. After I was done, I went to the room, took a bath and dressed for the night. So I sat in bed using my laptop when Bola walked in yawning. He headed to the bathroom and shortly after he came back to bed and just lay beside me, ignoring me completely. I choked hard on the tears I was holding back and just shut down my laptop and slept off.

That week, things were rough for me. I was close to my 3rd month and Sade was getting on my nerves big time! This fateful day, I got back and met the house in complete disarray. There were bottles of wine everywhere, wraps of cookies, dirty plates from that day and dirty clothes. I lost it! I hated dirt with passion! I shouted at her that day. She shouted back and called me names. She said one particular word which I hated to hear, she called me a slut and I slapped her there and then. She left off crying while I cleaned up the dirt for a good two hours! I hated being pushed to the wall but I guess my hormones also contributed. Sade didn’t come out again. I was still angry. I made dinner and then Bola returned. Sade must have called him to inform him of what had happened as he rushed into the kitchen shouting my name. I looked at him and answered a cold “yes”.


He asked the obvious question,”why did you slap Sade?” I dropped what I was doing on the counter and started, “your sister has no manners! I got back to the house and met it scattered and dirty and I just scolded her, suddenly she started calling me hurtful names and then called me a slut, so I slapped her! She should learn to talk.” Bola looked at me in anger and he held my neck as If to strangle me, I choked and by now, Sade was in the kitchen watching. He pushed me to the wall in anger and so much force. I had an impact with the wall. He clenched his teeth and said,”don’t ever…EVER…slap my sister again! Do you hear me?” I nodded in tears.

Then suddenly, Sade shouted,”she’s bleeding! Her legs!” On Instinct, Bola released me as I looked down at my legs and saw a trail of blood…oh no, my baby!!!! I fainted then

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