Episode 3 – Broken Love

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We got home and Bola parked the car abruptly. I stared as he had not gotten out of the car, “Babe, I know it’s too sudden. I wasn’t expecting this too. I am also shaken by the whole news. If you don’t want it, we could just, you know…” Then, he looked at me with all seriousness and said,”No! You will do no such thing! We will keep the baby. Can we just not talk about this? Excuse me.” And with that, my dears, my husband left the car shutting the door on my face. I literally cried for about 5 minutes before leaving the car. I walked in to meet him watching Tv with all seriousness. I climbed upstairs to our room and sat on the bed, looking out the balcony, unconsciously rubbing my belly where my baby was to grow. After like 30 minutes of seating like this, I heard the front door close and I heard a car start up with the gates opening. I knew that Bola had gone out. I went downstairs to confirm my thoughts. He went out. The time read 1:45pm.

I ran back upstairs to get my bag, car keys and phone. I stepped out, got into my Car and drove out to my shop. Once I got there, I preoccupied my head with work till 6:30pm when the shop was to close. I drove back to the house and noticed that Bola wasn’t yet back. I decided to make myself comfortable by dressing in home clothes. Then, I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. I decided on making Bola’s favorite meal Pounded Yam and Egusi soup. I was already done by some minutes to 8. I showered then waited for Bola while working on some clothe designs. I kept checking the time. Normally by 9:30, Bola used to be home but now it was already to 11. I tried his number several times but it kept going to voice mail. I gave up waiting around 12:00am. I switched off all the lights before going to our bedroom in sadness, feeling guilty on behalf of my unborn baby and myself. I had already slept off when I heard the front door click open.
The next morning, I decided not to bring up anything that happened yesterday. I made Bola’s breakfast and went to prepare for the shop. He didn’t apologize for keeping me up so late. He blatantly ignored me and told me not to wait up for him in the night. He left the house without saying anything more than that to me. I went to work and as usual preoccupied myself with work. I got a call from my mom later at work. She said she missed me a lot and asked how married life was. I carefully left out the part of me being pregnant. I didn’t want it out yet. I asked about my dad and she said my dad was missing me but he was being stubborn to admit it. After the calls I got back to work. I left the complex by 7:00pm. I arrived home and met the cold absence in the house. I had a bath before eating a quick dinner and then put finishing touches on some designs I was making at the shop. I went to bed without Bola by my side.
About two weeks later we kept up with this ignoring-each-other aspect of our marriage till one weekend when I couldn’t take it anymore. He sat watching a football match completely ignoring me.

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I asked irritated, “what did I do to you? For the past two weeks, I have been so invisible to you! Why?” He looked at me for the first time since today. What a shame! He cleared his throat and replied, “ I’ve been very busy at the hospital and and  and   it’s been taking its toll on me.” I scoffed, released a fake laugh before replying,” yeah right! Do you think my work doesn’t take its toll on me too? Or wait, you think I’m dumb right? This is about the baby right? Oh no…It’s about the baby, for real?” He got up and interrupted me,” do you mind?! This is NOT about the BABY!!! Get a hold of yourself, woman!” He walked out on me; picked his car keys and he left the house as usual. I am so tired! This is all about the coming baby. It just had to be, what else?

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