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I am Bella Adigwe. I had my dream wedding, I guess. My twin brother who wasn’t in so much support of the union made an appearance at my wedding, my wedding was more or less the best day of my life, the thought of being committed to one person ponders my mind and giving my full heart and body to the only Man I ever loved, ‘moments I couldn’t wait for’ .


My elder sister couldn’t make it as she was staying abroad with her family. She sent her good greetings though.

Bola brought up the idea of us going to Obudu Cattle Ranch for our honeymoon. Before that, our first night together are scenes I can’t still get off my head, the day I lost my virginity, ’The strength of the love we had for each other made us wait till that day ‘


Though Bola was not a virgin, he knew it was my first time. We made love with lots of passion and after two weeks of our honey moon, we came back to Lagos.

Bola and I bought a house on the island, somewhere in Ikoyi. We went back to work. Bola had gotten a job in a reputable hospital while I set up my fashion designing complex with money from my savings , I had enough money to establish myself with or without my husband’s aid. Things went on smoothly. About 3 months later, I took in.


That day, I was getting up to make breakfast for Bola as he left the house before me to work. As I got to the kitchen, I felt a sudden urge to puke but I just shove the thought down. I managed to mix the eggs for the pancakes when I felt another urge to puke. I rushed upstairs to our room, not caring if Bola was still sleeping, I pushed the door open with force, ran into the bathroom and puked my guts out. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Bola rush in and kneel beside me, pacifying me.


Once I was done, I washed my mouth and Bola guided me back to our room where I sat, catching my breath, on the bed. He asked,”Honey, what’s wrong?” I sighed and replied,” I was trying to make you breakfast when I felt this urge to vomit and I rushed in here. I am sorry for waking you.” He patted me and said, “No need to apologize babe.

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Your health is more important than me sleeping. Are you okay?” I nodded and got up to push him towards to bathroom when it all turned black. “Uh!” Were the first words I said as I woke up in this very bright room, the bed was too comfy, then I heard beeping sounds and I felt something passing through me, I knew I was in the hospital but why? A face came into view as I tried to adjust to the light.


He said, “Babe, are you awake?” I wanted to say “No, I just died!” to whoever asked the question till I saw it was my husband that asked that question instead I said, “yeah, I am fine. Why are we in the hospital?” He sighed and spoke on, “you fainted in the room and I rushed you here. The doctor carried out some tests on you and he went to get the results.” I nodded.


Shortly after, the doctor walked in, beaming a smile. He stood beside me as I was propped up on the bed with my back resting against the headboard of the bed and he said,”I see you are awake, okay, I have good news.”

My head was like “Dum..Dum..Dum!!!” He continued on, “Congrats, you are expecting a baby.” I was shocked! We didn’t plan on having a Child that soon, just barely 3 months after our wedding. Fine, a Child is a good thing but not yet! I turned to my husband and he had an indifferent look on his face. I felt guilty immediately, for no reason. I fake-smiled at the doctor and I was discharged. The ride home was really quiet. Bola drove completely focused on the road with his forehead scrunched. I sat like a Child that was going to be beaten once she got home. I just kept my face locked, looking out the window. I was happy to be having a Child but on the other hand, it was too sudden. This really sucked!

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