Broken Love – Episode 8

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Then I fell into labour, luckily my elder sister stays in America. I was taken to the hospital. Bola had still not arrived. I was so pissed off as the pain was getting to me. I fell into labour by 3pm. 7 hours into labour, the doctor came in and said I was ready to be delivered. 

I screamed my head off in pain and anger. Pain due to the Labour and anger because of Bola’s absence. It really hurt. After an hour of delivery, I delivered my baby boy. All my anger and pain left, once I saw his beautiful face. I was in love.(My son, Tumininu Andre Chukwunonso Olalekan was born by 11pm on the 13th of January). 

My sister called home and my mom screamed for joy. I didn’t want to tell Bola yet, till after two weeks when we were discharged. Few stays later, I was feeding Andre and decided to call Bola again, he finally answered and I asked in anger,”what is keeping you from coming here to see your son?!” He replied that it was work. I was so upset. 

Baby Andre and I had already spent 4 months in the U.S. before Bola visited. I was so angry but when he carried Andre, I just had to look at how Andre fit so much in his arms. After the father-son bonding, Bola and I had a talk. He explained that he wanted to be here before the baby was born and he apologized. I forgave him, of course! About two weeks later, we came back to Nigeria.

 The day we visited my parents, they were so excited. My brother boasted of how he was going to train Andre in football and this led to a huge argument between him and Bola on who was a better football player. My brother then informed me that he was getting married in a year’s time. 

My dad was thrilled to have another grandchild and my mom was over the moon. My kid sister was so happy at having a new baby nephew. The day was fun. Bola’s mom visited and she saw her grandson and asked me to forgive her for our last sour argument. Everyone loved the new baby. 

I was growing more in love with him. He had Bola’s cute looks and had my grey eyes. At times I sat beside his cot, just looking at him (you must think I am a creepy mom, my dears, it’s Love) and thinking how lucky I was to have given birth to him. I wasn’t thinking of another pregnancy any time soon neither was Bola, I guess. 

Our marriage was already a year and ten months already and Andre was almost a year old. I selfishly wished he could remain a baby. My brother got married to his heartthrob and I was so happy for him. Funny enough, Baby Andre was the ring bearer at my brother’s wedding. He looked so cute in his tuxedo which Bola had bought for him. 


My sister from America came back with her kids during that period. Bola travelled out of the country before my brother’s wedding, so I stayed in my parents’house at the village. Andre had so much fun with his four cousins from abroad. They pampered him so much. After that period of fun, we came back to Lagos. I had to plan for Andre’s first birthday. I invited a lot of his friends from creche school and as usual, Bola was absent. I was getting fed up. Andre missed his father’s presence at his birthday party, he kept asking me,”mama, where is dada? I miss Dada so much.” He cried to sleep that day and I also shed some tears. I really didn’t understand Bola anymore.

 He came back some days later and I simply ignored him. Later in the night we talked after I had rocked Andre to bed, he apologized as usual and immediately I got upset and stated matter-of-factly, ” what is wrong with us? Now you place your work trips before us, why? First of all, you were not with me during Andre’s delivery, you missed it not only did you miss that one, you also missed his FIRST birthday!!! What kind of father are you?!” He wanted to walk up to me and I stopped him,”stop right there! Andre missed you so much that day. He cried bitterly that day and I had to rock him to bed that day.

 Do you want your son to resent you?” He sighed and said,”babe, I am really sorry. I will make it up to him…” I interrupted,”well, that’s for you to tell him and not me.” I just got into the bed leaving him, standing. I was sad.

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