FRIDAY 13-Episode 2

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I could tell we were never coming back to the restaurant. Jay Jay sat there drumming his fingers against the wooden table as he kept staring at his watch, he was irritated by the fact that our food was taking forever to get here.

“We are never going there”. He said as he drove up to the hostel’s gate. Although BelwareU gave freedom of some sort, there was still a curfew and boys and girls lived in different compounds.

“I had a feeling you’d say that, but sadly I agree with you”. I said as I opened the door of the car, took out his jacket because that night was cold.

“Jaime?”. Jaime oops that wasn’t good because he never called me Jaime especially not after date night.

“Yes Jay Jay?”. As he walked up to me and held my hands.

“Take care of yourself”. As he kissed me on the forehead and hugged me tighter than usual. I couldn’t help but think something wasn’t right.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”. I looked into his eyes and they were colder than the night.

“Nothing I’m just tired”. He said as he approached his car door and I walked up to gate with his jacket in my arm. Then he drove off without throwing a playful kiss which confirmed my suspicions that something wasn’t right.

I didn’t know what was going on neither was I ready to over think this, so I decided I would sleep and call him in the morning.

I approached the hallway and saw a bright light from the room as if the door was left wide opened. I even said a little prayer hoping that Jennifer remembered to close the door after she was done doing God knows what she was doing.

“Oh no!”. I guess the prayer didn’t work, we were robbed Jennifer didn’t close the door.What was I going to tell my roommate and nevertheless my parents. How was I going to tell them the friend they matched me is a careless airhead and was the reason we got robbed. Knowing my parents they would ask where I was and I wasn’t ready to tell them about Wilson at least not like this.

Well my roommate’s MacBook was stolen I couldn’t begin to imagine how would I handle her. She bragged to everyone when her father bought her the latest MacBook and that thing should be about $2000 where would I get that kind of money.

They took our clothes that we left out, they couldn’t get the rest because they needed the key card to access the lockers and I was a bit relieved because her clothes, shoes and jewellery were so expensive. She’s so rich I wondered why she went to BelwareU and I stopped that line of thought because there was so much to think about.

“Jennifer”. I whispered as I put my hands on my head then on my waist, I sat on my bed and took out my phone and called Jennifer.

“Jennifer, I need you right now”. I tried not to give away the fact that I was angry so she would get here quickly.

“What’s…What happened here?”. Yes I forgot to say, our room was turned upside… Inside out, my roommate’s bed was turning inside out.

“Jennifer…”. Then words couldn’t come out then out of nowhere I started crying and put my legs up and my head on my knees.

“Jaime”. She said as she approached the bed about put her hands on my shoulder.

“Get out!”. I rose my head and those words came.

“Jennifer, get out!”. I yelled at her as she ran for the door and I slammed it behind her. I couldn’t walk back to the bed so I sat by the door and cried my eyes out and it wasn’t because of the robbery I just felt overwhelmed by everything.

Then I thought of Jay Jay took out my phone and checked the time it was 10pm so I called him. 

“Babe?”. I whimpered.

“Jaime! What’s wrong?”. He answered with a tone.

“How fast can you get here?”. I asked him as I cried so more.

“I…can’t”. My heart dropped what did he mean by he can’t?.

“You can’t what! Get here fast enough?”. I sat up against the door.

“Jaime, I hate to do this over the phone”. What! I know that line “No! No!”. Those were the break up line; my break up line I used it once on him when we we’re going through a rough patch.  

“Jay, what are you doing?”. Now I stopped crying to hear what he had to say.

“I wanted to tell you tonight at the restaurant but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t”. Couldn’t what? I asked myself oh Jesus could he talk any faster I really want to go back to my cry section.

“You couldn’t what Wilson?”. Now my tone changed really fast.

“I move to Europe in the morning…”. Then my heart literally dropped to my stomach.

“What! What are you saying?”. I couldn’t sit there and keep asking questions over the phone I took a jacket and left the room; don’t worry I closed the door this time. I took my bicycle and rode to his hostel.

Well you all are about to know about how I got my first heartbreak.

I couldn’t sit there so I took out my bike and put on my earplugs I remembered the song “Macklemore Ft Kesha Good Old Days” was put on replay.

I would spare you all the deep details because I still can’t process everything that happened that night. I rode up to his hostel and there he was like he knew I was coming.

I hopped down from my bike and approached him. He looked into my eyes and he saw the fear in them and I in his.

He kept on telling me how much he loved me and how much it hurts him that he was leaving me behind but he didn’t say the words “Jamie, I love you”. He said ” Jaime I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I tried convincing my dad that I didn’t need to go. Jaime he didn’t listen…”. He began to give me an unnecessary story to be honest I blacked out because I was trying to process what he was trying to say to me.

He kept saying he was sorry. He also kept saying the most hurtful things like he stopped showing up in most of my life events because he wanted to forget me quickly and it hurts him more than me. “If I knew I wouldn’t have invested so much”. Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to hear from the first person you ever gave your heart.


“Wilson enough!”. He could hear the quiver and anger in my voice as I told him to stop talking.

“It’s enough, its good to know how you really felt or should I say feel. I love you that fact remains. I’ll miss you to be honest I feel empty because I gave as much, no! I gave you my everything and it sucks to know that it wasn’t appreciated or even counted as something”. I picked up my bike.

“Wait Jaime!”. He held the bike back. 

“Why? Why Wilson, I can’t deal with all this right now. I just got robbed and a two thousand dollar MacBook was stolen now my boyfriend is moving away and didn’t find it befitting to tell me. Was I not worth the truth…”. I couldn’t keep talking because the waterworks were about to start I got on my bike and rode off.

I didn’t ride back to the hostel, I kept riding and kept looking back hoping to see his headlights but I guess we can’t always have what we wish for. That song was the tune to my breakup every word begun to make sense. I hoped he would call, text something! Anything!.

“Ah!”. I hit something or was it someone, I somersaulted and landed on my elbow.

“Ah!”. Oh my gosh it is a human being a girl to be precise

I couldn’t move because I was in so much pain. I had to call for help but I couldn’t barely move talk less of call for help then what I thought was a miracle happened a car drove up and stopped rolled the tinted window oh no! It was Charlie remember Charlie that boy I was rude to?.

Without asking any questions he carried the another girl and I thought to myself he was going abandon me to die so I pulled out the puppy dog eyes.

“Put those eyes away, I’m not a bad person”. As he helped me up and put my bike in the trunk of his car. He took us to the hospital, we had to stay over night for observation.

I had blood on my clothes so they gave me a sweater and sweat pants to change into and dozed me because anaesthesia and you all know what that does.

Charlie was talking to the nurse Jane when I regained consciousness. He was talking about staying and how he brought us there, well she agreed to let him stay just because she didn’t want him to get into trouble.

“Hey! What were you thinking you would killed my girlfriend. If not she was on a call with me you would have left her there to hurt.” He began to yell and I wasn’t sure what to say, he just helped.

“I’m sorry”. I said as I bowed my head

“Sorry? sorry is overrated”. He said as he left the room to stay with his girlfriend.

In the morning he left with his girlfriend and left my bike by the clinic gate. I checked my phone if Wilson had called but he didn’t. I took in a deep breathe and held on to my bike and left the clinic with clothes and drugs in the bike’s basket I couldn’t ride because I dislocated my elbow.

I walked to the hostel and in the car park there was my roommate’s red Camry I freaked out and turned my bike but then she and the DSA female unit walked out with her.

“Where do you think you’re going”. She said as I stopped and shrugged.

“To park my bike?”. I turned and put on my poker face.

“Where’s my laptop”. She said as she dragged me by my shirt about to punch me in the tummy which she actually did.

“Enough!”. Mrs Davies said she pulled my roommate away from me and helped me up.

“We got robbed, you…”. I almost cussed at her but Mrs Davies stopped me in the process.

“Robbed?”. She said as she escorted us to her car to go to the DSA office.

“Is that how you got hurt?”. She asked at the office where some members of staff were gathered and all giving that soul piercing glare.

“Yes”. Yes I lied and this time there’s no one to corroborate the story then my worst nightmare walked in.

It was Charlie and his girlfriend and they were there to report me which they did.

“That was after the robbery I was already bruised and battered from the incident so I was riding to the clinic when i accidentally knocked her off the street, I was distracted by fear”. As if the fact that Charlie and his girlfriend reported wasn’t enough they told me they cut the thieves thanks to CCTV they strategically placed.

Jennifer walked in and I was shocked to my feet. Why would Jennifer do that, I would give her credit for making it look like a robbery she would have got away with it if it weren’t for that mingy CCTV. 

“I didn’t hurt anyone, ask her”. She said and everyone instantly faced me.

“Ermmm… She did! She hurt me!”. I could see the sorrow in Jennifer’s eyes. My story corroborated because when I called her to the room and after a while she ran out of the room and not so long I came out crying, you all can fill in the gaps in that story.

Well long story short Jennifer was supposed to go for a semester or two but because she allegedly hurt a student she was sent away for good because the panel thought she was a threat to the whole student body.

Well after Wilson my life went south and then there was Samuel Adams…

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