Days by myself

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Day 19

She stood there at chapel’s door with earplugs in

She stood there so long she didn’t how long it had been

She hoped that friends come but they all passed by

Without a word nothing; not even a wave or a hi

They all said she should get over here I mean over to them

Well she did: I wouldn’t blame her she couldn’t see the pretend

I watched as she struggled to belong

She cared about what she wore and how her make up was wrong

She lost herself in the abyss of friendship; deep

She lost her heart in the river there I saw it sink

I saw that girl as she battled with complex

She cried and bled on the inside if I am being honest

Maybe one day things would change that was her hope

Hope came to her but she denied it and said nope

Why do you have to come in my time of strength?

What strength? Hope asked and she was left

With nothing else to say or to utter

Sometimes she is like ‘Why do I even bother?’

Now she got something called a bioplar disorder

No one even cares to know but she wears it like a collar

So everyone can see, give pity and ask questions

Because to be loved was one of her true intentions

Well all that is gone and she’s empty

How do I know? Because I felt it

Honestly I tried not to help it

You know: not to be called selfish

She’ll be fine as her conscience once said

No! She’s fine and utterly mislead…


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