Foot Mat

June 21, 2017 ken Odenigbo 0

  With a blistering steps of human stamps with a rambling walk into a room I stand as an inevitable prerequisite Instead of pats of […]

Episode 1-Dire Guilt

June 20, 2017 ola samuel 0

Growing up they say is not determined by one’s age but by your achievements and knowledgeable experience. Graduating from high school is a day I […]

Zariel’s Wish

June 20, 2017 Andrew David 1

She wakes up every day with the hope that one day, the woman who abandoned her at the motherless babies’ home would appear and say […]


June 20, 2017 Andrew David 0

After the sweet sound of deceit came a terrible rain… Stone hearted I became because you made me go through pain…. You came into my […]