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Gabriel McHawlens, all his life has been a geek and introvert, didn’t like public attention, because of his shy character, and at the age of thirty-one was yet to ask a lady out, not that he didn’t like girls, but he was too timid to make his feelings known. He finished second best from the Imperial College of Engineering after spending five years to study Aeronautic Engineering.

A very hard working dude, he enjoys being alone and eating quesadillas. He has been all about work and getting better at what he does, his life ambition is to design and build a triple deck plane that would accommodate passengers of about a thousand and five hundred, with the ability to go on stealth mode, he’s been working on it for the past five years and still believes one day he will build this incredible product of his mind.

He decided to leave his vehicles behind and travel via the railways to learn a few things about the train and how it could be applicable to the plane.

She waved at him to get his attention, his reflexes was good enough to get the signal, and there, they sat together again in the train. “Thanks a million for yesterday, you really saved my life”, She said, “Oh it’s nothing, I was only doing what I thought was right” was his reply. The train got moving and they conversed as they covered meters on rails, laughter was birthed from their conversation,

In no time it was almost as if they’ve been friends for decades, exploring different sphere of life in their conversation, as time was running so was the train, Elena got to her stop, “I guess this is goodbye again” she said “Now the rest of the journey is going to be boring for me” he replied, “Awwn, don’t feel bad, I’m sure we’ll still meet at the station tomorrow” Elena said, flashing a big grin, “Yeah… I guess so, but hey, can I get your digits?”

Gabe quickly asked, they exchanged  numbers, he watched her leave and it felt like his bowels were filled with butterflies, “I don’t think this is right” he said to himself as he waved her from the window.

Elena got to Hermosas prendas, few minutes before Mr. Joaquin got there, she took some time to pray to the blessed mother Guadalupe, while she was doing that Emily got into the board room to ensure everything was in order.


There were other representatives from different organizations that wanted to partner with Hermosas and they were to meet with Mr. Joaquin in his office which was located two floors below the board room, and also Mr. Joaquin was to be in China by noon, by the virtue of all these the board meeting was meant to be as short as possible.

Elena started her presentation, it was an eye opener as she brought up new ideas on how to attract more customers to patronize the products of Hermosas, she also proposed that the company shouldn’t only focus on wears alone, but also on cosmetics and jewelries, As she kept talking Mr. Joaquin was reminded of his late wife, Eunice, the mother of his only daughter Barbara.


Elena’s voice reminded him so much of her, and at a point he had to excuse himself, went to the bathroom and there shed some tears in remembrance of his dearly beloved wife.



Afterwards he made his way back into meeting and then Elena presented forty-five new designs she drew, twenty feminine designs for red carpets, five elegant office wears for women, ten designs for children and the last ten designs were outstanding designs for men.


Mr. Joaquin was stunned, he found himself warbling words of appraisal to Elena and instantly approved everything, and he inclusively said “Miss Cardozo, you’ve succeeded in filling my hunger for more in this business, I must say, you’re a brilliant young lady.” He looked to the branch manager Mr. Williams and asked “When did you say she joined the organization?”


“Four years sir, just four years” Mr. Williams replied… “I’m impressed, I really am…. Not many people have the intention to see this organization get better, most are only here to get their purses fat, and their pockets heavy, but you have shown me what I long to see in every of my staff, and I only hope you won’t stop at this” He said.

At the other end, Gabe was holding his phone staring at her picture and number and asking himself, “dude, are you sure you want to do this? You know you suck at this…” He couldn’t even sit, he kept pacing in his office thinking about her and what to do, and after a while he said to himself “well, there’s always a first time, and besides I’d better ask her how the meeting went”

Back at Hermosas, Elena was about making her way outside the room after the meeting, then she accidentally bumped into Miss. Dora Wesley, the company’s international advert manager, who fabricated a fake smile and said congratulations as she stretched her hand to Elena, Elena shook her and said thank you ma’am, “don’t get your hopes too high, just lay low, do your work and don’t go beyond your bounds” Dora said to her as she walked away.


Just as Elena was still trying to understand the meaning and the reason for such statement from Miss. Wesley her phone rang, it was Gabe, and she picked up the phone, she said “hey”, from the other side of the phone Gabe asked “how did it go? Tell me it was a success.” “Yes!!!” She exclaimed, the board members were pretty impressed, and Mr. Joaquin loved and approved everything!” She said, “Wow… that’s great news” Gabe replied, “You just won’t believe how excited I am” she told him, “well, how about you show me?


I believe this calls for a reason to celebrate” Gabe said “Yes! It does!” was her response, “how about we celebrate it at dinner?” he asked, “Eerm… I’m not too sure about that, but okay no problem” she replied, then Gabe said “deal! We meet by 7 pm”, “alright, thanks” Elena replied. Gabe screamed and shouted “YES!


Finally!!!!” after dropping the call, he was excited that he was going to be going on his first date.

To be continued…

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