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Sean-Diego Marquez was every girl’s wish and crush back at high school, tall dark mexican with pink lips, with a brownish pair of pupil, the best player in the school hockey team, not only was he sporty he was a scholar that enjoyed inviting competitions, all through junior high he focused on building himself to be one of the best in the game of hockey, unlike many guys like him, he never had a girlfriend neither was he interested in girls, at least not until second year in senior high when he met Elena.


Though they’ve been in the same class since first day in junior high, it was almost as if there was a wall of partition that separated them, as their movement was always inverse, but by the time they met, it became impossible to create a division between them. It was the school’s 90th year anniversary the school was to host her alumni and because of the excellent records they both had, they were selected to be part of the student organizing comittee that was to work with the alumni organizing comittee, she was the quiet type, but always speaks when necesaary, her words runs swiftly like the feet of wisdom itself.

One day as they were deliberating on activities that would be part of the whole ceremony, majority of the alumni were of the mindset that students participation should be minimal, Sean wasn’t too comfortable with the idea but was a bit skeptical in voicing out his idea, but on the other hand, Elena raised her hand and voice calmly and said “with all due respect, I think that’s a bit biased, it is the school’s anniversary not an alumni gathering, If the school board didn’t want the student’s participation in this I won’t be here neither will my other colleagues be here, I think it would be appropriate if the two categories of people bring what they have to offer to the table.” The courage she mustered to speak was enough fetilize the words that her mouth birthed, and that was what captivated Sean about her.


The anniversary was a huge success as both students and alumni took part in the activites of the ceremony, though she didn’t do much rather than tending to the needs of tables of attendees. After the whole anniversary Sean walked up to her and said “Congratulations” she was surprised and asked “For?” He chuckled and said “the anniversary would have never been this memorable and eventful if it wasn’t for your timely intervention…” They became friends got fond of eachother, and in less than three months emotions grew, it was almlost as if their hearts were familiar with eachother from their past lives, and their love tale started ever since third year in senior high.


Three years afterwards Sean was still pursuing his hockey dream, when Elena had to drop out of college after the death of her parents, she became the bread winner of the family and as such started working as a janitor at a local gym, where Sean normally works out. Sean’s report came in to the ears of the manager of ‘The Elephants’, the cleveland hockey club, who made a bid for him, and that was were the glitch started, one day Elena hugged him, she never knew it’d be the last, one day, she kissed him, she never thought it’d be the last, at the train station she starred into his eyes, and still didn’t have the clue that he was going to be gone for a long time, cause right before he left, he brought out a glimmering piece of ring and told her, ‘Promise me you’ll wait for me’, with waves of ocean rolling towards the bank of her eyes she said ‘Yes… Sean-Diego, my sweeper honey, I will wait for you.’ She watched him get on the train as he ventured into living his dreams, but now it’s been seven long years, she never thought it’d be this long, no calls, no mails, no messages from Sean.



She slammed the door, leaning on it, Margaret came out and saw the look on her face, “Elena what happened?” She looked at her sister with dissapointment, “I knew this was a bad idea…” as she approached the sofa, pulling off her shoes, she said to margaret “though the dinner was nice, he took me to Royal cuisine, and yes, that lambourghini belongs to him, he ended the whole thing by officially asking me out, and I honestly don’t think I’m ready for it yet, following what Alonso did, besides I really don’t know if Sean is coming back” she said as she exhaled.


“My dear Elena, you have to put the past behind you, Alonso was a boy that would have never done you any good, I tried to warn you about him, and please, what is this ranting I’m hearing about Sean coming back, he’s been away for seven years without even a call, are you going to put your life on hold because of him” Soledad said as she made her way to the living room. “Gabe is a gentleman, though I don’t know much about him, I feel he is a good guy” Margaret told her sister, who picks up the phone to call Emily, as she ignored their words walking towards her room.


Mr. Joaquin on the other hand was back at hermosas house, going through Elena’s file late in the night.


To be continued…

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