The latest lamborghini parked at the entrance of the basement of the house.

Margeret took a look out the window and said to her, “it looks like hes’s here”, peeping through the window she replied her sister and said “it can’t possibly be him, we meet at the train station

I doubt if he has a vehicle, so she sat back near Soledead her grandmother, longing his arrival, and then about fifteen minutes later, the door bell rang, “that must be him” margaret said flashing a big grin at her, as she went to grant him entrance to their humble abode, the door swung open

he was in a mild cream tux, “good evening ma’am” he said “I’m here for…” “…Elena right? yeah I know” Margaret interrupted him as she welcomed him in, stepping in with his well polished, shining brown brogues, he sighted her standing right next to an old woman who from his judgement should be in her late 70s ,

“Good evening ma’am” he said again with an ecstatic smile on his face, ’cause standing in front of him was the most gorgeous lady he has ever set his eyes upon, he was cardiac arrested when he beheld this majestic living sculpture, with her wearing a smile that left red lips hanging at an acute angle. “Hi”, she whispered as he kept gazing on her, forgetting every other person in the room

“You look dashing he said”, and she replied saying “you look cute too” as they both giggled, “so where to?” Soledad asked, “Hey, Gabe meet my grand mother, Soledad is her name, and that’s my sister Margaret” were the words that were vomited from the vocal chords of Elena,

“I’m honoured to be in the abode of gorgeous looking women.” He responded and said “I’m Gabriel McHawlens, and I humbly request your permission to take this young elegant and hardworking woman for a dinner to celebrate her latest accomplishment” he said to Soledad, Soledad smiled as she said “okay, at least she gets to go out and have fun, it’s nice to see that she’s mingling again and putting her past behind her…”

“Soleygrand!” Margaret exclaimed cutting off soledad, and then asked “so, Mr. Gabriel McHawlens where are you taking my sister to?” “just one of the restaurants nearby, so do you mind if we get going?” as he turned to Elena.

They both stepped out, the vehicle she saw earlier was no longer there, and she wondered how, as they walked down the street, after ten minutes the same vehicle pulled up right in front of them with the door swinging wide open, out of it came a young dude in a nice piece of suit, who approached them and handed over the keys over to Gabe, she didn’t understand what was happening, he smiled as he said to her ‘can we go for a ride?’

She was astounded, due to the fact that she’s always been seeing him in the train, “he must be trying to impress me” she said to herself as she sarcastically smiled and replied “sure… But where to?” “That’s a mystery you have to unravel” he said to her.They got in drove a few kilometers away. She opened her mouth in awe and said “No way… You must be joking” as he opened the car for her right in front of Royal Cuisine, she looked at him with an ambivalent feeling…

Thinking to herself ” This is so sweet, but wait, what is he trying to prove?”. He looked right into her eyes almost as if he could read her mind and said it’s just to celebrate the acceptance of your proposal and the new advancement in your career. “I really do appreciate but you don’t have to go this far” she said to him, “it’s really nothing, I just want to celebrate the great hardworking persistent lady you are” he told her.

They walked in and as they sat, the waitress became their shadow as they selectively go through the menu, after which they placed their orders, the waitress disappeared like a mist, more like Jinni sky rocketing to fulfill the wish of Aladdin.

They got talking, he told her of his love for quesadillas and other things he enjoyed doing, leaving out his occupation, but after a while she asked “The vehicle…how? And who was that young man?” Gabe looked down, and responded sluggishly as he said “My chauffeur”… “your chauffeur? How is that possible?

We meet on the train almost every time, not that you ran me over with a car.” “Yes, I know, it’s just that I’m currently on a project, that’s why I’ve resulted into transportation via the railway, and I really don’t like making what I have or what I am very obvious, It’s be-…” she interrupted him and said “wait, you must be joking, you don’t want people to know who you are and what you have, are you some kind of prince or the president’s son or what? And if you don’t like showing off, why then are you doing all of this?”

Gabe resulted into unending series of giggles as he  said “Nah, I’m not a prince neither am I the president’s son, and like I earlier professed, your handwork and vibrancy is what has earned you this nice treat I’m giving you.”

Elena responded “So, if I may ask, what do you do for a living?” and went on to ask series of other questions to know him better, and he did justice to them by not hiding anything from her. After eating and much discussion, they headed back to the car, and right before he opened the door for her, he said, “It was nice hanging out with you, do you think we can do this again some other time?” she then responded “Yeah, I had fun too, but let’s see what fate has in store for days to come.”

Feeling positive about her response he drove her back home and right outside her house, he opened the car for her, looked into her eyes and said “I know this might sound awkward, considering we only met few days ago, but the truth is, I’ve grown to appreciate the fine young lady that you are, and I like you, and I want to ask if you and I could get a bit more intimate” flashing back on her some memories, she lost her words and ran inside.

To be continued… 


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