Friends or ‘loose-ends’ (4)


The branch friends can be said to be a little better than the leaf friends, but are not the best.

**Branches are numerous on a tree. Just like their leaf counterparts, they are also numerous in our lives. They come in all ‘shapes n’ sizes’. But again we should not be deceived by their sheer number.

**Branches could break off easily when they are ‘dry’. Also like their leaf colleagues, when the conditions are tough, they break off their parent tree. They may seem strong and reliable because of their ‘stiffness’, but watch out for them because they could snap in your face!

Branches also break off when too much weight is placed on them. You cannot put all your luggage and weight on them because they can’t handle it. Again don’t be fooled into thinking that you can rely on them because they’ll snap unexpectedly when you need them most.

But then again, they are what they are!

The final group are the;


The roots are very essential parts of a plant and its roles cannot be overemphasized. The root friends are the ideal friends to keep around. Let’s see why they are that important

**Roots are responsible for holding the tree firm. Root friends keep you stable and unwavering in life. They are also very stable people too in that they are not double-minded. They are very focused individuals who make sure they impact on the lives of their friends. They hold you up and make sure you thrive in life. They serve as anchors for you and help you stand the test of time. They help to hold you upright. No matter how ‘heavy’ you may be, they’ll carry you regardless.

**Roots absorb water and inorganic nutrients from the soil. Root friends transport relevant things into your life. They will not leave bereft of ideas, skills or knowledge. They constantly add value to your life. They ‘tap’ from the little they have to you in order to improve your growth and maturity. Another point to note is that, root friends are not afraid or shy to do the ‘dirty work’ for you. They are willing to ‘get into the floor or the dirt’ for you. They are willing to get themselves soiled for you. A lot of people may not understand, don’t worry, it’s a friend thing!

**Roots are mostly hidden in the earth and are endogenous in nature. This is a very wonderful part of root friends. They are willing to do all for you without getting a ‘thank you’ for it. They are ready to do the tough jobs for you without getting the recognition they deserve. They are hard to find because they are not trying to be seen. Roots are negatively phototropic i.e they grow away from sunlight. They are not spotlight-conscious as they do so much from the background.

They are not conscious of themselves hence it’s common to see a very fruitful tree with tattered looking roots. They use up themselves for the good of their friends.

**Roots compete with other plants for nutrients and are essential for propagation. Root people do not mind going to ‘hustle’ for their friends. They are ready to fight for the rights of their friends. They can go any length to defend their friends. They are people that can be vouched for. Root friends can go ‘two or three extra miles’ for you. Shockingly, the fruits of a tree may not know that roots exist, but the work of those roots resulted in the production of the fruits.

Underneath every producing or reproducing tree, there are roots.

**Roots are very few compared to leaves and branches. This is perhaps a sad fact. Root friends are rare. They are a product ‘limited in supply relative to demand’. But the thing is, only a few roots may be needed in your life to ensure you are fruitful. Note that you may WANT a lot of leaves and branches but you NEED a few roots!

Another fact to remember is a plant is not completely destroyed until the roots are destroyed!

Before I conclude this series, I believe that you have already begun to differentiate between the friends and the ‘loose-ends’ in your life.

Loose-ends may seem like the real deal but they are what they are, loose-ends! They should not be given a seat in our lives. Know your friends!

No matter how deceptive loose-ends can be, they’ll always be exposed during trying times.

You may be wondering, how do I know my friends? Just be calm, they are always there however few. Remember you only need few people of note to take your life and career forward and higher.

So watch those people around you and yourself too……are you a friend or a ‘loose-end’?


The end


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