friends or ‘loose-ends’ (3)


In the previous part (friends or ‘loose-ends’ 2), we examined several definitions of a friend. We tried to know what a friend is and is not. It will do you good to read that article because it forms a foundation for this really important topic.

In this particular part, we are going to look at types of friends around us, according to what I’d like to call the ‘Tree code/classification’. This will help us know who could be our friends or who could be a potential loose-end.

I placed them in three categories;

•The LEAF friends

•The BRANCH friends

•The ROOT friends

So at this point we’ll take them one after the other.


Every tree (well, most of them) contains leaves. Leaves, showcase several characteristics that points them out to be used as an illustration.

**Leaves are exogenous in nature. ‘Leaf’ friends are those guys that only affect your life on the outside. They do not affect your morals or character but are only interested in mundane things.

They are the ones who always want to talk about fashion and latest  ‘guys’ and neglect you in your time of need. They are what I also call ‘hand bag’ friends. They pick you up when they need you and toss you in the closet when you’ve been used. Leaf friends are those ones who you can gain nothing really useful from.

**Leaves are seasonal. They may bloom in summer or some other time of the year but very few are ‘all rounders’. Leaf friends stick with you only when the ‘going is good’. Back to the quote by Oprah Winfrey, “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”.

Leaf friends are not there when you need help. The limo is a symbol of luxury and leaf friends will only stick with you when the limo is ‘sure’.

**Leaves are easily blown off when the wind is heavy. Leaf friends fall away when tough times come. This is a twin of the previous characteristic. During turbulent times, the leaves fall to ‘stable’ ground. They are weather-based people.

**Leaves have limited growth. No matter how big a tree is, the leaves do not grow so much. A large tree may have a lot of small leaves. Leaf friends have very little growth in terms of maturity. They are myopic, dim-witted and mentally stagnant chaps. They fail to see beyond their noses. A leaf friend has no goal, no ambition and lives only in the ‘present’. They lack foresight, skill and knowledge to be relevant on a long term.

**Leaves are numerous. This is the last characteristic I’m going to look at. There may be more but I trust you to look at them yourself. Leaf friends are usually numerous, but the truth is, a lot of leaves do not mean a lot of fruits. There are a lot of ‘leaves’ around us that it may be hard to know the true friends.


This is a major problem plaguing a lot of marriages today. They are married to ‘leaf’ people. Leaf people cannot stand the test of time and often fall off when the good times seem to be waning off.

Leaf people come into our lives and stay temporarily and we shouldn’t expect so much from them. They are what they are.

Please do not get me wrong. Every part of a tree has its uses and leaves are not left out. They provide food through photosynthesis and all that, but you cannot place your future in the hands of someone that is as unreliable as a leaf.

Another point to note is that a leaf for you could be a branch or root for someone else.


( to be continued)…….


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