Broken Love- Episode 4

stone hearts get cut with a knife

I arrived my parents’house in no time. I parked the car and knocked. My younger sister who was back from the boarding school on holiday, opened the door and literally jumped on me. I hugged her with so much love. She ushered me in where I met my family eating lunch. My dad beamed a little smile, my mom smiled heartily at me while my brother came round to hug me. After this, I hugged my mom then my dad. My dad asked in a quite cold tone,”what are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be with your husband?”he stressed the word,’husband’. I replied him before my mom who glared at him, could say anything,”he is fine. He went over to the office.” My dad stood up and left just like that. My brother left after a little chit-chat with me. My kid sister decided to also leave with him as they were going to the cinema.

It was times like this that I missed my family. It was just my mom and I. We went to the study upstairs where we sat on one of the couches. She looked at me seriously and asked in Igbo,”Nnem, ogini?” (My dear, what is the matter?) I replied back in Igbo,”O nwero.” (There is nothing.) She pressed on and I just said,”we are just in that phase where..we don’t agree on some things but it will soon pass, okay.” She gave me a concerned look before saying again,”if there is any problem between you too, please settle it okay.” I nodded. We talked about my work, my dad being cold and missing me at the same time and my twin brother who was getting set to be engaged. My mom informed me that my elder sister, who stayed abroad,would be coming back for the Christmas celebration with her family. I couldn’t wait.

After some hours of chit-chatting, I left. I met my dad outside in the Bush bar reading a newspaper intently, so I went to greet him goodbye while he replied me in a not-so-sweet way,”bye.” I still loved my dad even though he was giving me an attitude. I arrived home by 6:55pm and met Bola’s usual absence. I decided to warm the soup i had made two days ago for dinner. I made eba to go with it. After this, I sat watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians on e! He got back by some minutes after 9. I asked him if he wanted dinner and he replied yes. So I re-warmed the meal again and set the table. He came back, sat in the dining table and he began to eat in absolute silence. Once he finished, he washed his hands and without any acknowledgment, he dropped a bombshell! He informed me that his sister from Ibadan would be visiting tomorrow and she will be staying a while and with that, he just left me before I could say anything. Bola’s sister was rude and quite stubborn. How could I cope with this girl, plus I was pregnant?! I almost cried.

The next day, Bola told me again that his sister was going to be visiting. It sounded like noise to my ears. He left the house. I couldn’t go to work today because I had a visitor that I didn’t want in my house! I called my store and informed them that I wouldn’t be coming to work today. I just moped and moped like crazy. By 3 in the afternoon, the door bell rang! I got up to check who it was and boom! It was Sade. I greeted her. (Note: Sade was just 22 and I was older by 4 years and Bola was older than her by 8 years). She replied my greeting rather coldly. I ignored it. I showed her one of the guest rooms after asking her what she wanted to eat. She said anything. I warmed the soup i had and presented it to her which she ate with so much hurry. I asked her,”Sade, how is school?” She replied,”Fine. We just concluded the second semester and how is my brother?” I replied her back,”he is fine.” She just nodded and went to the living room, picked the remote control and changed the channel i was watching to Africa Magic Yoruba, typical! I just left to go to my room after informing her that if she needed anything, she could take anything or call me. I picked my iPad and started to browse on stuffs about pregnancy. I was just in the second month of my pregnancy and I read on things that I should expect this month. I was already in love with this baby despite… .

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