Mr. Alberto Joaquin, was an orphan born in Casablanca, Mexico, when he was a young boy he worked as a bartender till he became a teenager when he relocated to Spain, while in Spain he worked as a cobbler for the husband of the owner of the renowned fashion house called Vestido perfecto, he was always intrigued by how the dresses were made.


Soon, that pushed him to start stitching rags together, he saved his wages till eventually he could afford to enroll in the training sector of Vestido perfecto  learning how to be a dress maker himself, he then relocated to Europe where he established his own fashion house called Hermosas prendas, and over the years, his hard work with the help of the experts he surrounded himself with Hermosas prendas has grown to be one of the top five fashion houses in the world, with more than three branches in all continents of the world.

“No! no!….Oh no…!” she exclaimed as she rigorously searched her bag for her access card, she would not be able to navigate the upper court of Hermosas house without the card, it was just given to her two days ago for the cause of this meeting. A once in a lifetime opportunity, meeting with the board, where she could finally show her wonderful designs to them and most importantly Mr. Joaquin.


And hopefully the designs will be accepted and then she gets a huge promotion. Nobody gets such access card or opportunity in Hermosas prendas luckily, not until after 15 years of acknowledge-able services rendered to the company. She’s barely 4 years in the company, but her hard work has been noticed and she was given the key to be a pillar in the company.


She made her way inside the building, stood in the hallway disturbed and wondering where the access card could be, “It must have dropped at the train station” she thought to herself, as Emily ran to meet her “girl, where have you been?” she asked, “I can’t find my access card” Elena said, “What?” Emily exclaimed, reminding her “you know you can’t go beyond the tenth floor of the building without that card”, Elena, looking devastated said “I know, I think I dropped it at the train station…”

Emily’s phone rang, she answered, it was their colleague Josh who told her that her attention was needed in the board room, “please try and figure this out, I have to go” Emily said as she made her way to the elevator.

Twenty minutes later, Emily sent her a text telling her Mr. Joaquin wants to adjourn the meeting, as she read the text, she exhaled and said, “finally, it’s over, this opportunity will pass me by because of my carelessness!”.


He came in through the door, and saw her standing in disappointment and confusion, he called out her name “Elena! Elena!!” She turned in obedience to the sound wave, she was shocked to see him, and she moved towards him, trying to remember his name, she said “what are you doing here?” “I believe you dropped this on the train” he replied stretching the access card to her, she couldn’t believe her eyes; she collected the card, hastily thanked him and dashed for the elevator, leaving him there on the spot. “Gabe, you’re stupid you know…”


He told himself as he melancholically walked out of the building, “You just succeeded in wasting another thirty minutes of your day… well, at least, I did good, I helped someone” He said to himself as he made his way to the next train station.

Back at the Hermosas house she finally made her way to the twenty-sixth floor where the board room is, but unfortunately for her the meeting had just ended and members of board were making their way out of the room, Emily sighted her and came to her, “where did you get the card?” She asked,


“Some guy I bumped into at the train station brought it here, but I guess it’s of no use anymore” she said broken hearted, Emily then said to her, “don’t lose hope, the meeting was only adjourned, Mr. Joaquin though meant to be in Asia tomorrow will be here again tomorrow by 10 a.m., you might be invited into the board room, provided you get here on time tomorrow.”

Immediately as Emily was done speaking, Mr. Joaquin came through the door of the board room, being accompanied by Mr. Jake Williams the branch manager, and the international advert manager Miss Dora Wesley. Mr. Williams saw her and Emily sitting near the elevator, so he signaled Emily, as he said,


“Mr. Joaquin, let me introduce you to a very vibrant young lady in this branch” Elena and Emily approached them, Mr. Joaquin looked at them both, and said, “Yeah, your secretary, Miss Emily Sawyer right? Her composure and precision in the meeting made me notice her.”


“Yes, Miss Sawyer is an excellent secretary, but I was actually referring to Miss Cardozo here, Miss Elena Cardozo” Mr. Williams said, he went on to say about her “She joined us about four years ago, and in such a short time she’s done tremendously well.” “Did I just hear four years?”


Mr. Joaquin exclaimed “what is she doing on this axis of the building? Can someone explain to me what happened to our fifteen years policy?” He said angrily, “Our fifteen years policy still stands sir, she’s standing before you today sir because of our distinctive merit policy, which has been in her favor, over the past four years she’s proven herself to be very industrious, innovative and hardworking sir” Mr. Williams quickly responded, “Tell me more” Mr. Joaquin said, “Her file is in the briefcase with Miss Wesley, she is the lady that has been invited to the board to present her new designs and some business ideas that she had earlier documented”


Mr. Williams said boldly, “Hmmn… I find that intriguing” Mr. Joaquin said stretching his hand to shake Elena, he then said “I can’t wait to see what you have for us tomorrow” and he stepped into the elevator with Miss Wesley and Mr. Williams.

Elena was extremely excited as she yelled in joy “Emily, did you hear that?” Emily replied, “Congrats girlfriend!” they hugged and celebrated together, they made their way to the stairs as Emily asked “Who is the gentleman that brought you the card?” “Dave or Gabe, I can’t really recall his name, sad thing is I don’t know anything about him, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done.”

It was the next day, Elena rose up very early to make it down to Hermosas house on time before Mr. Joaquin or other members of the board get there.


She hurriedly navigated the hallway of the train station, and quickly joined the train that was about to take off, she got on board, but to her greatest surprise, there he was, that young man from yesterday making his way into the train as well.

To be continued…

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