stone hearts get cut with a knife



once had this feeling that when you love, you love for real and that love doesn’t go sour. I presumed that the person who claims to love you, by his or her actions you will know that he or she loves you. I once had a notion that true love was always meant to be and when you find THAT ONE LOVE, then you have nothing to worry about. Bola was the Love of my Life.

Immediately we met, the atmosphere became tense I could not stop staring at his cute brown eyes and his impeccable oblong face only to realize it was love at first sight. He was a medical student studying neuro-surgery and I was a student learning fashion designing. We met in England where I earned a scholarship to do my master’s degree program and I made an assumption that he was there for his master’s degree also which happened to be correct. We never had an opportunity to have a conversation, until we met at a youth empowerment program where we sat side by side. This was a dream come through, the last thing I could remember was the topic given to us by the guest speaker, I gave Bola my uninterrupted attention, and his words sank into my heart without any form of opposition.

Finally we exchanged phone numbers and parted from the venue. I got home that night with unexplainable joy, all I wished for was another moment with him, I waited earnestly for his call but was a false hope. Expectant of his call I slept like a baby. I woke up hastily, hearing my phone ring at an early hour of the day. When I confirmed that it was my phone ringing, at first I muzzled my face with the impression of pressing the red button when I saw Bola’s message requesting for my presence at a famous restaurant, I was amazed he could ask me out on a date. Our first night on a date together was quite awkward, I must confess because we have never ever talked in person till the day we met at that seminar, it was extremely awkward. We actually got along pretty well and since then, we became friends. Bola was a smart student and a very handsome guy at that. From his name, you can tell he is a Yoruba boy and oh my…I forgot to introduce myself.

I am Bella Adigwe, an Igbo indigene. Back to my story, Bola was a nice boy and it didn’t take long for me to notice this side of him. We became quite close and I started harboring feelings for him.
On Valentine’s day, he asked me on a date and it was magical, so magical. After the dinner, he drove me back home and as he opened my side of the car to let me out, he planted a kiss on my lips. THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!! (Actually, it was my first kiss, so don’t blame me for being so excited). Not only did we kiss, he asked me……to be his girlfriend. (Hope you weren’t expecting something else?) I accepted immediately. From then on, we started dating and I began to fall madly in love with him.

The day we finished our masters, in the full glare of everyone, Bola proposed! I was shocked, surprised, flustered, confused, elated and so much in love, I…accepted! (We had been dating for 7 months). We came back to Nigeria and that my friends, was the beginning of my *Happily-EVER-After.*
I had informed my parents that I was engaged to be married. My mom was elated and my dad was quite apprehensive. My parents had four kids, the first being a girl, my brother and I who were twins and my last sister who was still in high school. My twin brother was older than me by 10 mins but the respect was still there. Back to what I was saying, my dad didn’t like the idea of me dating someone I had just met and more so, he was from the Yoruba tribe. The day he visited, my dad was quite crude with the kind of questions he asked Bola.

Truth be told, I didn’t know much about him but I guess love overlooks all, right?
After we settled in Lagos, Bola thought it best for us to court for a while before venturing into marriage. It was hell for me because I practically yearned for Bola. I blamed this on my father because he was actually scaring Bola away from me and it was getting hard. I moved out of my parents’ home and got a place of my own in Lekki. My mom was appalled by the situation. Bola and I still dated for two more months till I couldn’t bear the distance anymore. I was in love with this guy and I wanted to marry him, that’s all!

I went to meet my dad and told him straight up that if he didn’t want respect my union with Bola then so be it.About a month after, I got wedded to my heartthrob. My mom attended the wedding but my dad, well, you know the story….

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