The past they say is gone and forever gone, but to me it seems to be one of the postulations created from man’s insanity. John was surprised at my reaction when my eyes came in contact with Stella “what did she do? And you must not tell me nothing” this litigation did not work on me but I felt he had the right to know, he was my best friend; he would be pissed though, for not telling him all this while. Telling him made things distorted, changing the stipulated orientation of my mind of ignoring Stella forever. He made me realise love was worth fighting for and said all I need to do was to make her give me a chance to show her what I felt and express my feelings to her. John was a good orator and a great mind changer it was as if he had the key to my heart, his words synced into my mind like a metal sinking into a sea. It entered slowly and got to the depth, having no reason to doubt the chances of having a positive result. John slayed my head jokingly and told me to stop behaving effeminate and weak that would only give chances to reduce the viscosity of hatred in my heart. I had no reason to stay indoor anymore so I stepped out and apologised to my friends and led the way because they were about to take their leave. Tolu came closer to me and kissed me on the face, making everybody give a loud and pacifying noise “oooooh!” before I knew what was happening we all burst into laughter. I summoned courage and walked up to Stella, she gave me a straight face and said “was my coming to meet you a mistake?”For some time I smiled and placed my hands on my chest telling her what every lady would want to hear “I …….. …..”She smiled and said “you are not serious” we slowed the pace at which we were walking and everyone in front started murmuring about both of us. I could not hear what they were saying precisely but the level at which they were humming towards our direction was alarming.
While walking solemnly like a bride walking towards the alter, John rushed towards us, shouting “Romeo and Juliet, we can’t spend all day walking on the road, some of us have traffic jam to face on our way home” he was telling me to let go of her and bid the rest of my colleagues goodbye. “would you give me your number? Or should I say give me your phone number” she looked straight into my eyes with those brown beautiful eyes of hers, “I thought you would never ask” she said accompanying it a cute smile. Giving me her number was as if she had already said yes to my proposal of being in a relationship with her. Finally, we said goodbye with a long lasting hug which I wish would last forever. John came and gave me a stylistic handshake, implying we had a sort of unbreakable bond.

I got home with an unexplainable joy; my countenance alone changed the atmosphere of the house. My mother was able to smile when she realised the pertinence of laughter in the family. Finally I was able to go to bed with great happiness, with ease I could close my eyes with zero worries, only if things would always be like this then I would have a reason to wish for a second life. I was still nervous despite my level of happiness, the thoughts of Stella loving me the way I loved her was seriously ringing in my head. I thought of giving her something special showing her I had some skill in writing,
“The sky is blue
Everyone knows that’s true
But my love for you
Is beyond saying I DO
Anxious to tell you how I feel
You presence alone would replace my meal
The way I feel is growing so fast
Greatest desire is for it to last
I want to be your Romeo if you would be my Juliet
Would not only catch a grenade for you but with my heart a bullet”
Looking at the poem composed I felt disgusted, they sounded like phrases, lacking emotion and passion, it would be a big shame to present this to her. I was beginning to feel dizzy, my pen slipped slowly off my fingers, closing my eyes to have a little nap. All of a sudden I heard a buzzing sound.

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  1. For romantic lovers, this short master piece is recommended. For sadist, it is also recommended. The writer writes with powerful feelings and emotions. However, this literary piece speaks conspicuously about love and its effect on its characters. To this I say BRAVO!

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