Her eyes opened to the light, the rays of the sun filled her room, it was a nice view from her window, the staggering blue stream, hosted a couple of pure swans on its’ bank, the little ducklings swimming behind their mama, the cinnamon tree was the abode of some pretty colorful birds, the song the birds sang was lifting, the chirpy sound produced from the multi colored birds made her give an ecstatic curve across her face. Anomalously she robed herself with the finest garments in her wardrobe, as she headed towards the train station, her shoe made the ground produce a gulping sound that ensnared the eyes of every one, she could care less with her headset on, humming to run the world as she kept moving.

She sat on the bench as she waited for the next train, her phone rang, it was Emily her friend and colleague at work, ‘Hey, girlfriend’ she said when she received the call, ‘where are you? the board is seated already, this is our biggest opportunity to hit it,’ said Emily from the other side of the phone ‘I’ll soon be there, I’m at the station’ she replied as the train arrived the station, ‘the train is here, just give me an hour’ she quickly told Emily as she ended the call, she carried her bag and hastily aimed for the train, almost into the train she bumped into someone, her bag fell, with its contents flying out, she hurriedly started packing her things, not even waiting to know who bumped into her, she picked up everything except for one that she couldn’t locate, then he approached her saying, “sorry for bumping into you like that ma’am, I think you dropped this”, she said no problem as she reached out to collect the item, it was the ring Sean gave to her 8 years ago, as she collected the ring memories flowed through her mind as she stood there totally unconscious of what was happening around her, he snapped his fingers right in her face thrice, “hello, are you there?”, her consciousness was restored as said apologized to him and went straight into the train.

She made her way to the rear seat with everywhere occupied already, few seconds after, he also came to the back of the train, in search for a vacant seat, luckily for him the last one was just beside her to the window, so he said, “excuse me, I’d like to have my seat there” she moved, allowing him to sit in-between her and the window. Few minutes after the train started moving, he noticed she kept humming as she drew various types of dresses, he wanted to talk to her, but he couldn’t.

His journey on the train was meant to last for just twenty-five minutes, but where she was headed will take fifty minutes, so after the first thirty-five minutes, he finally broke the jinx of keeping mute, and said, “I presume you’re an artist, right?”, her response was very cold as she said “no” without looking at him, “you draw pretty well’ was his response, she thanked him for the complement as she kept drawing, “I’m Gabe, can I know your name?”, for the first time she stopped drawing, turned to look at him, shook her head from left to right, turned to him with a face that suggested that he was a distraction but eventually said “Elena”, “it’s nice to meet you Elena, sorry about the station, I wasn’t looking at where I was going”, “Oh, it was you, I’m sorry too, I was in a hurry to get into the train” was her response.


“Where to In such a hurry” He asked, “I have a meeting to get to as soon as possible at work” she responded, “if I may ask, where do you work?” “Hermosas prendas… that’s where I work”, “oh, now I see, that’s why you were drawing those dresses, you work at the fashion house, and that’s like one of the finest fashion houses in this city and in the world, some of my friends won’t buy a cloth if it doesn’t have the label HPs” she smiled as her phone rang for the second time, it was Emily again, “babe, where are you, it looks like the meeting is going to end sooner than normal today” Emily told her over the phone, she then told her she’ll be there in another five minutes, afterwards she started packing her drawing sheet into her bag, as she said to him ‘thanks for the company, I’m almost at my stop, I should start making my way to the door” they shook hands as he said to her with a smile, “please, go ahead, make sure you enjoy your day”.

She left and headed for the door. It was not until he waved her goodbye through the window that he realized how far he was from where he was going, ‘well I guess it’s one of those crazy things you do’ was what he told himself as he planned to alight from the train at the next stop and then board another train back to his original destination, he stood up from the seat to find her access card on the floor. He stood for some minutes as he thought of what to do, he remembered he didn’t even ask for her number before she left. He got down from the train staring at the card as he kept pondering on what to do, eventually he found the address of the fashion house at the back of the card, he went on to board another train but instead of getting a train back to his destination, he decided to go look for her, perhaps the access card had a role to play in her day to day activity at work.

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