The Dish- Salvation

It took a handful of thoughts, a dash of plots, a tablespoon of betrayal, a dash of denial, a few bunches of punches, a few drops of blood from the crown of thorns on His head nails through His hands and feet to prepare a dish called salvation.

It took this cook quite a while and a lot of pain to prepare this dish. The pain of preparing this dish almost made Him give up. This pioneer effort to volunteer and engineer the preparation of this dish was met with boos and ‘-ish’. He took a cup of suffering to prepare a bowl of salvation which doesn’t need a spoon to serve but a willing thirst and hunger for it.

He chose to be kind, loving and brave, which is beautiful, but it led Him to the grave, depraved of the respect he craved, notwithstanding His status as son of the Almighty.

According to the oxford advanced learners dictionary, which may not be too necessary, salvation is the state of being saved from the power of evil. But the question is…., ARE WE READY TO ACCEPT IT? I’d like to show three responses of humans to God’s salvation.

The first group are what I call the “outright decliners”. They prefer their neighbour’s cooking to their mother’s. They’d rather throw away the dish than eat it. They run after the pleasures and treasures of this world like Alibaba, forgetting the will of their “BABA”. They prefer earthly gold and silver to Jesus’ mix of mud and saliva. Some people may say “eww gross” forgetting that the same mixture made a blind man whole. They prefer glitz, glamour and “razzmatazz” to God’s real matters.

The next group are the “picky eaters”. They take the dish alright but they only take what they think they need. For such people, they seem to choose what’s easy for them. They want to enjoy protection from spiritual diseases when they throw away the much-needed “vegetables” of salvation. They want the crown without the cross, they want the prosperity when what they need is sincerity, they want fancy when what they need is mercy, they want affluence when what they need is positive influence, graduation when what they need is salvation.

The final group are the grateful children. They take the bowl of salvation with two hands, in spite of their appetite they accept it, eat it, ingest it, live it, showcase it and share it. They are the ones who exchange worldliness for Godliness, worry for glory and nights for lights. Jesus’ offer of salvation is not a joke for blokes, but a genuine call to glory, leaving story in the arms of the past, leaving the midst of the crowd quickly and fast, becoming people of vision and not derision. Salvation can best be described as Jesus taking our pains and worries, turning them to gains and lorries of goodies.

Conclusively, accepting this dish is the choice of Man. A cook can garnish and spice but it is up to you to accept it. I say, salvation is the portion of nations that accept in adequate proportion, the food made by the best cook of all time. So let us in humble appreciation and adoration receive this unique dish and gift of salvation.

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