Have never been so confused all my life, this present moment, standing in front of me is Tolu, getting ready to dis-virgin my sacred lips and standing at the entrance is Stella looking towards my direction, the girl I have always tried to impress all my life. At this moment it was as if the world paused for a second and my heart stopped pumping blood to my veins.


The next thing I heard echoing into my ears were KISS HER! KISS HER!! KISS HER!!! This drew the attention of everyone around us looking at me like a piece of art painted by a god, waiting for my next action.


Even Stella had her eyes on me I began to think of what was going through her mind, would she think am moral if I do not kiss Tolu or would she think am being a coward for not taking any action thoughts trafficked through my head and by my spirit I was led.


I moved closer to Tolu giving the facial expression that I was not ready to fulfil her wish, I filled my eyes with sobriety and my face with guilt. With phantom notice I grabbed her like a hungry lion grabbing its prey.


Remembering the movie titanic I kissed her so passionately that everyone in the hall started giving humming sounds of wishing they could participate but fortunately for us, it was a two party thing, participants were not allowed, only observers.  After the kiss I had to step out of the hall to catch my breath.

All of sudden John runs to me with a great force almost taking me off the ground.


He would not stop talking about what happened inside, at first I thought he was there to flatter me until two younger female students passed beside me stirring at me with a smile and almost making me feel scared until one of them opened up and said “nice lips”. All I could do was to show a sign of humility. I could not stop thinking of what would run through Stella’s mind about what I had done. I had it in mind to approach her, but that would only create another scene about the kissing scenario. The noise of the music was getting so loud that a lot of students were coming outside. This made me anticipated for the arrival of Stella. While john was still bugging me about the kiss, I told him I would leave the party if he continues to disturb me and he knew this would not work in his favour because going home alone at night could be very dangerous in our area.


“Ben!” hearing my name from the back is one thing I hated so much, it keeps me in the dark, unable to know who it is, whether you should answer or silently walk away ignoring the call. To my surprise it was Stella, john had already procure the information to her that I might leave the party cooking up some untrue stories, just to make sure I do not leave without him.

“Your friend told me you were planning on exiting yourself so soon” for a minute I was dumb, short of words. Thinking of what to say I gave her a charming smile that would require her to make a comment. “Would you say something or you would smile all day” she said so passionately.


By this time my heart beat increased so fast that it could almost burst out of my chest. Fortunately I was able to spill out something to keep her presence “I’m sorry” the next thing she did was to give a calming smile interpreting its okay.


“When would you be leaving the party” I asked anxiously she was not ready to give a reply from the message passed across with her face. For a while she was silent then she said “it depends on when you want to go home” if that was the case I was ready to sleep here were the thoughts that went through my head.


I giggled and told her to tell me the truth. She said she was going to leave with her friend Lola. It was 7:48 pm and seems the party was just getting started. Stella and I chatted for so longs that I could feel the chemistry between us was going to work out fine. Suddenly her friend came and smiled at me when our eyes came in contact with each other referring to the previous event I participated in, earlier on.


“Hope you have not kissed my friend also because you seem to be the best kisser among the guys” then we smiled looking at each other’s faces wishing I had the opportunity to kiss her. “Her boyfriend would skim you alive” from nowhere a slight easing air came through my throat in form of a cough.


I was heartbroken to hear that Stella was already in relationship. I wish I never heard such this night, making me regret I had such hopes. She left without me noticing her leave, hearing this I ignored the idea of collecting her mobile number

In fury, I went to John and told him to we have to leave the party immediately, he knew something was wrong, was not just sure of what it could be the expression on his face asked the question of what happened because he knew asking that question at that moment would be very wrong.


We left the party 8:55pm forgetting that it was late and there was going to be a traffic jam which was beyond dreadful making things get worse. Alighting from the vehicle, there was a heavy down pour, leaving me bedraggled.


Getting to the street of my house, around 11:50pm I could see the security light of the house on. Approaching the gate I began to hear people whaling at first I thought it was just one person but to my surprise, the whole community was in our compound.



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