Episode 1-Dire Guilt

Growing up they say is not determined by one’s age but by your achievements and knowledgeable experience. Graduating from high school is a day I have always been waiting for, each day passes by with the notion that graduation is around the corner. My final exams though tough but the joy of it been the last of my high school exams made me jubilant. I was ready to give anything just to see the day of my graduation. Have waited patiently so long for this day despite the fact that it is almost here it looked as if time became very slow and the day have waited for all this while would never come.
My final exams would meet its doomsday this very day, am not fully prepared for it but writing and exam is all that matters passing it is a matter of choice and chance. As much as I would like to forfeit this exam I can’t because it is one of the core subject needed to enter the university, it was mathematics, one of the most feared and terrifying subject in high school. Our level of pride has risen so high that we were almost pulling down the root of the exam hall. The noise for the exam all was becoming unbearable, no staff was brave to come into the hall and disrupt the cause of cacophony among the student, this prompted me to step outside. Going out of the exam hall was one big mistake, but it was a type “I would want to make if I am given the opportunity”. The exam hall was but locked, “locked as a result of the exam starting soon”. But locked outside with me is Stella, a tall fair and skinny girl who was in her middle teen. She was one of the most brilliant students of our set. She is known to be every guys dream girl in school excluding one boy who thinks wooing a lady at the early stage of one’s life is immoral. This guy seems to be me but that belief seems to reduce after every conversation with Stella. Nervous was I to say “Hi” to my surprise I heard a voice calling my name, with my face bowed to ground I thought it was her voice (silly me) only to realise it was Tolu calling my name the exam was to start in 10minutes and the principal was very angry about the noise made earlier on looking for the lamb to be sacrificed for the class’s sins.
Finally, we were all on our sits, the invigilator looking so fierce and wild, some of us who were not prepared were scared of the outcome of today’s paper but as for me I was eager to leave the exam hall with the happiness of graduating from high school. The exam had started about an hour ago and we were yet to receive any exposition at this stage I was beginning to get worried I had to call for a friend’s help and suddenly the invigilator shouted “that boy stand up”.

At that moment when you feel you are in trouble and no solution was coming into your head. In the process of trying to stand up, my best friend John stood up with the intention to face any consequence. He knew I was effeminate at mathematics while he was rounding up with the final question. The invigilator came to him and said was he the one that whispered and he said yes that he wanted to get another pencil from the person sitting next to him. The invigilator looked into my eyes with great suspicion at that point I was very nervous the expression on my face made it very obvious.
Finally, here comes the cavalry our principal, with the usual exposition. To my surprise the invigilator allowed examination malpractice after given the impression that we are on our own. At this point, papers flew around like American jets during the Second World War in less than an hour some students were ready to collect extra sheet. While I was still struggling on the sixth question out of ten questions my mathematics lecturer, Mr Yemi walked up to me and cross-checked my work and made some petty corrections, I was so happy with his presence, the confidence he had in his calculation was like the bound between a mother and her child. Before he left, he gave me clues to answer the rest of the questions.

The exam was coming to a close, students were eager to leave the hall and go to the reserved area for the extremely overwhelming party. Immediately my mind was blank of solutions, having nothing to write I submitted my answer booklet and stepped out of the exam hall, joining the rest of the students in the jubilation of the success for the completion of our exams. It was of great surprise exiting the exam hall and meeting Stella outside, the smile on her face was intriguing. To my surprise I suddenly had the boldness to walk up to her “How was your exam?” she replied with a cute smile, which could not be explained in words. I was about to ask for her mobile number when John ran towards me poking me on my head with an unidentified object, for the stupid risk done in the exam hall. But to me it’s now in the past, and I was focused on how to get Stella’s number. Before I knew it, what I gazed at in front of me was the shadow of Stella, walking side by side with her friends to the principal’s office. I was restless about the fact that I was unable to get her number. Without objection john took me to the party which was held for the successful completion of our exams. Male students were ready to spend every last penny they had, just to impress the girls, all I prayed for was to see Stella come in through the main entrance to continue our interrupted conversation held outside the exam hall. I gave up hope about her arrival at the venue and went to participate in the game truth or dare. The bottle was rolled and its direction was unarguably facing Tolu. Little did I I know that Tolu seriously liked me but never made it clear until this day. She was looking at me furiously while everyone shouted Dare! Dare!! Dare!!! Suddenly I saw the entrance door opened with so much ease keeping everyone looking at the door in suspense. “I dare you to kiss me” shouted Tolu pointing at me, confused with the sight of Stella and the words Tolu, which drew the attention of everyone in the hall.

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