Episode 1-Lost Land

At the crack of  dawn in SAMANTO village the echoes of shouts from the kings palace awaiting the cry of a male child, Serwa the third wife to king GBUZE was between the devil and deep blue sea; either she gives birth to a male child or she dies the next market day, knowing God is the provider of children irrespective of their sex .The whole village await the voice of the town crier to announce the good news ‘’for Serwa was destined to give birth to a male child’’ revealed by the chief priest .Serwa the destiny child, her beauty; bright as the sun ,none to compare in the whole village but her life was like Himalayan blunder for she was destined to give birth to a king, a king that will rule the land and save the people of SAMANTO off their problems. Youths in the village ask elders why Has no king given birth to a male child for the past 10 decades, for the kingship had been passed on to families and not continued by a lineage, Elders respond with water in their mouths ‘’some things are best left unsaid’’. There is no smoke without fire, why has no king been able to produce a male child?

Many years ago in the land of SAMANTO 1789, King Gbasi II was the king, wickedness in his heart and outright harassment on women he wished to have his way with. He was evil, mischievous, brutal he was popularly known for his bravery; he carries a heavy heart, he never feared the gods. Unlike his father King Gbasi I who was kind, caring; he loved the people of SAMANTO so much that he gave all he had at the TIMISHIN festival which occurs on the 7th day of the 10th month in a year. King Gbasi l was a great King for he won all the wars SAMANTO warriors fought during his tenure as king, past moon black out King Gbasi was seriously sick, he was on the edge, He knew he will kick the bucket soon so he called for his son Gbasi, he called the name of his son Gbasi Gbasi Gbasi  !!! with a low voice listen carefully- for the words of KING Gbasi II were bitter pills for Gbasi I to swallow he said ‘please the gods with what they seek, respect the GIFA ( The staff – made of wood and beads tied with a read cloth, possess power to do good and evil ) and all the elders, lastly this where the last words of King Gbasi I ‘don’t abuse virgins of the gods ‘’ the statement seemed strange to Prince Gbasi ,King Gbasi I gave up the ghost, Prince Gbasi screamed Malawo ,Malawo ‘’a sign of death , a time to mourn and tears of departure’’ .

The Queen mother of the land and other maidens made their way to the kings halt, with grieves and sorrow dart their heart when they saw the body of the king , they wept and voice out their pain with tears of disbelief screamed Ah Ah.. ! malawo malawo ! The queen mother asked for the presence of the Chief Priest, chief priest entered and saw the king lying lifeless, with anguish and disbelieve in his spirit he asked Everyone in the kings chambers to go outside (including the Queen and Prince Gbasi) the kings’ chambers, He thought of reviving the body of the king by performing quashie ritual (a form of ritual to revive the dead) though the ritual has its own implications it requires the life of the PRIEST. The priest did all he could but at that junction the will of the gods prevailed,… with aloud shout screamed the voice of the priest MALAWO MALAWO, the death of KING Gbasi ll struck the stone heart of the priest, the priest wept like a puppy in agony, For he knew the sole heir to the throne Prince Gbasi had nothing good in him. The town crier Gbagoni voiced his gong and made the announcement to the people of SAMANTO. The king’s dart the hearts of the people of SAMANTO, for the future they know not.



What next? Why has no king being able to give birth to a male child? Will Serwa give birth to male child? Why was the chief Priest weeping like a poppy in agony? With Prince Gbasi’s bad behavior will he ever mount the throne? Hidden questions no answer …

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